~SUPER HERO squad~

These ICT tools which were given by Ms.Ng were totally awesome and I did fall in love with most of it. It is super cool that we have such fantastic ICT tools to enhance the learning of the young children nowadays. Teachers who have the access to the internet are considered blessed because we have variety of ways to actually make fun and entertaining teaching and learning process in the classroom. One of those that captured my attention was the Official Super Hero Squad Site.

Every one of us dream of having a super hero as our boyfriend (which doesn’t happen most of the time) who is willing to save us from all the obstacles and problems that arise. That is how we used to think when we watch cartoons during our childhood age. We have so much fun watching it thinking that everything shown on the television screen is true and there are real H-E-R-O-E-S out there. But as we grew up, we know that most of the television advertisements itself is false, what about the cartoon superheroes?

Kids are always kids, no matter which generation comes in the way, kids have great imaginations. If it is the boys, they believe they can save the world just like other superheroes in the movie. If it is the girls, they get excited seeing the heroes thinking that they will find one in future. (which never happens)!

The creativity in this tool is that it is an easy way for the pupils to interact with the cartoon characters such as the Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Silver Surfer and so many more. During my days it was the superman, batman, he-man and all the other things that ended with the word –man.

Thus, the pupils get excited when they can actually create comics or watch videos, or play games using this tool. If the particular schools have got internet access then the teacher can actually allow the pupils to create their own comics in their groups. This would be a fun way of learning English in the classroom.

It is created in such as way that even the level two pupils would be able to handle the website because the instructions are clear and they can actually create a wonderful super hero comic story all by themselves. As the pupils create their own comic stories it makes the pupils imaginations to become creative and open minded as they are able to convey what is in their mind.

The tools are really awesome, but every tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. Looking at the content which only has male character as heroes, the girls would eventually prefer to have one or two female heroines to save the world perhaps. Thus, the boys would eventually enjoy this website because they are way much interested in the marvel comic books which have the aggressive part with so much action in it. The comics would definitely have the story of the hero going against the villains and winning the game in the end because they are the good guys who save the world. This would eventually create interest in them to learn English subconsciously as they love reading  the comics. The other weakness that I realize is that the writing available for the comics has big letters on the back like kABooM, DhOOm, which is not the appropriate way of writing. We used to see such writings on comic books, therefore, the teachers has to keep the track on the pupils writing most of the time , because being afraid that the pupils will get influenced by those writing.

This tool can be used in every urban school, meaning to say schools that have internet facilities, because they need internet in order to get connected to the official page of the super hero squad. Moreover, it can also be used in rural schools with pupils who have got good command on English language as well as those with high proficiency. The teacher can give them like a small scrap book that can be used as the comic book that the pupils can use to draw and create dialogues. Pupils would definitely enjoy this kind of lessons conducted in the classroom because the characters in the marvels always appeal interesting to them. This tool can be used by pupils at level two, because they need to have good command in English in order for them to create or write a comic strip. This tool is not possible to be used for the Year One or Two pupils because they won’t be able to handle the computer or internet without the supervision of the teacher. Besides that, it is not appropriate for young kids to create comics, but the teacher can allow them to play games or watch the videos from the official website.

Lastly, I find the website really interesting and captivating because it has so much ability to actually becoming a big part of a child’s imagination. Moreover, it is considered child-friendly environment website because it is a place where kids can be entertained and educated about the Marvel Super Heroes as they watch the show, read a comic book, watch a Marvel movie or own some Marvel toys.


T-pack @ Teabag

T-pack? Sounds like some tea bag or something? ;p


Technological pedagogical content knowledge is also known as T-pack and it is used to describe the relationships between the technology, knowledge and the content. The mixture of all the three would eventually create effective technology integration in the classroom. Pupils tend to have a greater sense of control when they are aware of what they are learning and reading because they feel motivated. Thus, it is a great thing that the teacher integrates the technology in the classroom.


Teabag @t-pack in my classroom was conducted in the Year One classroom.


Year: One

Topic: Places

Themes: World of Knowledge

Learning Objectives:

1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases in context.

2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made.

4.3 Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentence.

4.2 Match words to linear and non-linear representations:

i. word to word;

ii.word to phrase;

iii.word to picture, symbol

Proficiency level: Mix abilities

Language focus: Vocabulary- Places

Example: Hospital, stadium, restaurant, cinema, market, playground, swimming pool and etc.

Sentence Pattern

Where shall we go to swim?

We shall go to the swimming pool to swim

This is the power point that i used in my classroom. Basically in the beginning, I stick a map which is very much related to the pupil’s area and I ask them to identify the places. I think my main intention was to start the lesson by guiding my pupils slowly into the topic of the day, which are places. They eventually got the idea and continued with the next phase of the lesson. The methodology was to focus mainly about places and it was surprising to me that the year ones are quite good with places, because some of them do travel out with their families. Some of them really had some misconceptions, and they eventually knew that their house is next to the community hall.


The pre lesson, I integrated the use of technology by allowing my pupils to view the places through the use of ICT /power point. They loved the lesson so much because most of the senior teachers do not implement the use of ICT in schools. My pupils get excited when I bring in laptops, or radios into the classroom. The technology eventually made the learning to turn out to be fun and interesting and it does reduce the teachers workload.


Lastly, the content was tested in the area of sentence in which I taught them a proper way of asking questions politely and building sentences. Pupils are divided into pairs and each pair would get an envelope with sentence. The pupils will read it like a dialogue and fill in the blanks using the right place that they have learnt. An example of how the lesson was carried out:



Where shall we go to watch the  ( Football )match?


We shall go to the ______________________ to watch the football match.


In a nut shell, I think I did manage to use all the T-pack qualities in my lesson, and thank God I did! =) I just pray that my lesson was successful and it went on well that day.

At least I had something to write on then nothing.  Teaching the Year Ones was the toughest thing that I have done during my practicum but yet it was really enjoyable.











Wishlist! oh! Wishlist!


Wishlist right now! Wishlist right now! (Can we pretend that the airplanes in the night sky are like shooting starts, I could really make a wish right now) This song has been playing in my mind for a very long time and it eventually reminds me of the 10 wishlist that I have to write regarding any kind of ICT changes that I would like to make in my classroom in the pupils. Definitely, those wishes of mine have to benefit everyone especially my beloved pupils, the teaching and learning as well as the school. Anyone of us has to voice out the kind of school that we young or future teachers prefer to teach and it is the right way for the government to accept our suggestion in that way. The changes in ICT, makes me ponder back not only the school that I taught but also the schools that I have studied before.

The 10th wish – Computer labs

Computer labs are crucial and should be provided in most of the school for today’s era of education in the upcoming world. Computer labs are important because it allows the pupils to maximize the usage of ICT every week by having a lessons conducted in the computer lab. Furthermore, it also gives the opportunity to use especially for those pupils who have not experience using a computer before. I was lucky because my dad bought a new personal computer when I was still schooling. Hence, I did not have much problem in learning to use it. Most of us prefer learning using computers or other ICT’s is fun compared to the boring teaching conducted in the classroom using the one and only text book.

The 9th wish- Media/ ICT room

The next on my wish list would definitely be a room which is known as the Media or the ICT room. This room is provided with projectors, screen, trolleys, computers, televisions, radios and other technology gadgets which can make the learning to be more fun and interesting. The learning has to be so easy that the teacher has to only bring along his or her pen drive and insert into the computer and then starts teaching. There is no waste of time trying to fix the projector to the computer or trying to play video using radio. But the problem occurs when we can’t cater for each and every teacher a media or ICT room. Thus, the MOE, has to invest money to actually build those facilities in the school.


The 8th wish  – Technology syllabus

If I am given a chance to be in the MOE, I would eventually propose the idea of having a subject called “technology” which has to be in the syllabus. The reason why I feel its important for pupils to know about technology is because the whole world is moving or constantly changing to the betterment of each individual by having latest gadgets and technology that helps them to solve things faster. It’s sad to know that some pupils in the urban area have also not seen a computer before. This is not shocking to me, because the rural area pupil does not even know how a computer would look like. Hence, by having this subject introduced the pupils would know the use of hand phones, gadgets like camera, projector, the 2.0 website, search engines and many more.

The 7th wish – Use of CD-ROM

Rather than designing books for pupils to read and answer questions, the book publishers should publish courseware or online activities or syllabus that uses the CD-ROM which allows the pupils to work on the computers and it would be a fun way of learning. Interesting games which has colourful pictures, sounds and interesting activities would eventually motivate the pupils learning in every way. Moreover, this is applicable in every school because every school should provide a computer laboratory. The pupils are also given a slot every week for them to enter the computer laboratory. The following subjects are published in CD-ROM, such as the Science, Mathematics and English –Year 1 to Form 6, and Matriculation. Besides that they also have got e-Bahan for English, e-Bahan for Malay Language, and Citizenship and Civic Education, Technical and Vocational subjects.

The 6th wish – Auditory Learning

Moreover, the school also should provide a room that has a good sound systems and radio which is advanced with speakers. There is online music’s and interesting audios online that the teacher can use for the classroom. The reason why I feel auditory learning is important because it is another important way of learning a language. As we know, hearing is crucial in order for us to learn how to speak. Hence, 70% of learning would take place when we listen and attend a lecture. Thus, the teachers can always make use of the radio, to conduct the listening or comprehension lesson for the pupils. When the pupils enter varsity in future, they can always do well in MUET examinations which has a part of listening examination.

The 5th wish -WebTV

The Web TV initiative is a medium to provide teachers and school communities’ online streaming teaching and learning materials. With the tagline Education for ALL, seven channels were provided namely: news, magazines, academic, curriculum, live shows, interviews and interactive channels 12. Web TV enable the teachers to access materials anywhere and anytime as long as internet connection is available. With the internet connection reaching almost 96% of the schools, Web TV is another avenue to help the school communities’ access to quality teaching and learning materials. Furthermore, students who are out of the country are no longer deprived of materials from their own country.


The 4th wish- SchoolNet


The Government is providing internet access with 1Mb/s in 9654 locations. In 2010 internet access with 4Mbps would be available in 579 locations. As it stands now, all of the 88 benchmark smart schools are already enjoying fast 4Mbps internet connection.This should continue in order for the pupils to enjoy the benefit of the ICT’s.


The 3rd wish- Improve assessment and evaluation using ICT


Assessment and evaluation is an important part in our school system. The use of assessment is to grade our pupils to see their level of understanding on the particular subject. Moreover in Malaysia we are exam oriented thus we always want our pupils to do well in our exams. The ICT could be used to correct the pupils work and this will eventually reduce the teachers job in every class. As we know the teachers are loaded with so much of administration work. There should be a software that can be used to correct the mistakes and it will easily rectify all the mistakes made by pupils. cool isn’t it?


The 2nd wish Electronic Book


An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a text and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices. This is an interesting way to capture the pupil’s attention especially the lower primary such as the year ones, two and three. They get so excited when they have got an electronic book that they could use to read stories, listen to nursery rhymes or the recorded voice of a person who teach how to draw animals perhaps. That is really interesting and I wish this could be implemented in every school in Malaysia though it would cost some money.


The 1st wish – Smart board in every school


In Malaysia, most of the private colleges, teachers training college and some schools are using the Smart Board. As we know, Smart Board interactive whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input – e.g., scrolling, right mouse-click – in the same way normal PC input devices, such as a mouse or keyboard, detect input. A projector is used to display a computer’s video output on the interactive whiteboard, which then acts as a large touch screen. The Smart Board typically comes with 4 digital pens, which use digital ink and replace traditional whiteboard markers. This Smart Board is an interesting way of teaching pupils because it has incredible features of ICT which can actually be used to view video, movies, play games, and write short notes, watch movie and many more. Thus, it can make the lesson to be more interesting and motivating. I would prefer to use the Smart Board as it reduces the teacher’s job and every pupil would get a chance to come in front and try out the activities. It’s just too fun to use the Smart Board.


So here are my top 10 wish list and as promised will be done by me…

Sharmila Devi Manickam =)

Welcome my dear friends, feel free to read my blog on my teaching and learning experience for the 3months that we couldn’t really keep in touch.

My school was situated in the middle town of Brickfields, which is just 500metres from KL Central. The school has taught me alot of whole new experiences which is vital for in order to become a good dedicated teacher. The 3 months was a hectic, tiring yet an awesome experience which taught me to be more patient, creative, genuine, caring and resourceful. The secondary school and the primary school were placed in the same compound; hence, we can imagine the kind of noise in my school. My friend Gowrey and I were given a year ONE class with only 19 pupils in the classroom. They had very limited pupils in the school thus, each class had less pupils. Moreover, before I move on to my experience in using the ICT in the classroom, I must thank the school management as well as the headmistress and teachers whom have guided and taught us a lot in managing the school and the pupils when we were in tough times. Before we move into the topic of today, what does ICT means?


ICT stands for Information Communications Technology. There isn’t any universally excepted definition of ITC because the application and technology involved in this constantly keeps changing almost on a daily basis. ITC deals with digital data and the ways of storing, retrieval, transmission and receipt. More importantly ITC deals with the ways these concepts work when put together. The C in ICT stands for Communication of data over some distance by electronic means. This is achieved by the use of networks connecting different hardware to send and receive data like, personal computers; digital television etc. networks are further divided into (LAN) local area networks usually linked within an office building and (WAN) Wide area network, a very common example of the WAN is the internet which is connected over a vast distance.

Importance of ICT in schools

In my point of view, ICT helps pupils to understand better and it eventually enhances the learning in the classroom. Besides that, the use of music’s, videos, and songs can help the pupils to have a clearer view on the topics or subjects that is being taught. Moreover, English is such an interesting subject which can be learnt through various sources such as videos, songs or music’s which makes us to remember it well because of the fun way of learning. As we know, when the children progress through the school system, they become increasingly responsible for their own learning. Many believe that ICT needs to be better integrated into curriculums so all schools produce computer literate and independent learners. Even Malaysia is progressing towards developing children who’s familiar with ICT at an early age, because they will need those skills for the remainder of their education and in adult life.

Facilities in my school

La Salle schools have been built during the 1954 which is before our independence of Malaysia. Thus, the school is very old and not much of renovations are done in this school because it’s a boy’s school. We knew exactly how school boys deals with things hence that is one reason why they also don’t have much ICT facilities such as computers, radios or other gadgets in the school. The school had a media room which has the Campus Astro that can be used to view the TV pendidikan channel. The Campus Astro was our source that is used to view PowerPoint slides, movies, songs and many more. The school teachers don’t prefer using the media room thus; I had more chances to bring the Year Opupils during their English lessons. The school does have projectors but, there were no plug points for to connect in the classroom. Hence, I preferred to have my Year One class in the media room which is more convenient with the seating and my pupils really enjoy watching songs or watching movies in using the Campus Astro.

Lesson ONE

This lesson was used during my second week in the school because the very first week, I took some time to know my pupils level of comprehension and skills. Furthermore, I realized that my class had got pupils with mix abilities. Thus, it is more difficult to create task sheets and activities which are appropriate for every pupil in the classroom. Hence, I planned to come out with something that interests all my pupils in the classroom. I choose to focus on teaching adjectives using the movie “Finding Nemo”. I personally enjoy watching the movie because of the relationship of father and son which is portrayed very beautifully in the movie. Moreover, they had many interesting characters which live under the sea, such as dory fish, sharks, starfish, anglerfish and many other sea animals. It teaches the pupils not only about the sea animals but also the shapes, colours, and the food they consume. The lesson also develops the pupil’s general knowledge which is crucial for them. Many of them were not aware of a clown fish because it is orange in colour. Moreover, after watching the movie I allowed my pupils to draw their favourite character and justify the reason why they love the character. With the use of the Campus Astro, my laptop and the CD I manage to make my lesson interesting and captivating.

Lesson TWO

This lesson was conducted during my fourth week and this lesson was a successful one just as the previous lessons. I planned to teach on the use of verbs such as “walk, run, sleep, play, write, and listen”. The use of verbs are crucial because it is perhaps the most important part of a sentence. Thus, it eventually helps the pupils to enhance their writing skills or essay. Therefore, I planned to find some interesting Power point materials using the Google webpage and I manage to find thousands of website which has great colorful pictures which attracts the pupil’s attention. The day I conducted the lesson, my pupils were very excited to see the pictures of each verbs and they very eager to see more pictures of verbs, thus, I taught them more. This is how much technology helps the teachers to find resources in teaching and I am grateful because in one way or another, ICT is there to boost my confidence because it is way much easier now. This was the power point that I have used in my lessons, the pictures are amazing and it shows clearly on each verbs being described.


Lesson THREE

This was my last lesson which was observed by the Headmistress who is my cooperating teacher as well. Guess I am lucky and not lucky at the same time. But I did learn a lot from her because she guided me throughout the 3months with a smile on her face. Thus, I prepared a good lesson plan in order to impress her. In this lesson plan, I played the video “Humpty Dumpty” which had the lyrics and my pupils were very excited to listen to the wonderful song. I gave each the pupils a finger puppet of “Humpty Dumpty”. They were happily singing the song throughout the day and some of them kept the finger puppet safely. My lesson was really entertaining because Year One pupils would eventually enjoy the use of songs and music’s in the classroom. Not many teachers encourage the use of music’s because it’s difficult to bring laptops and speakers into the classroom. But I think using songs is one entertaining way of learning because it helps learning to take place subconsciously. My cooperating teacher was impressed because the pupils really enjoyed the fun lesson on the day. This was the song entitled “Humpty Dumpty” that I use to teach my pupils.

I am blesses because the Kuala Lumpur or urban schools are provided with facilities such as computers, projectors and many more. If we are posted to rural areas then most probably we will face problems in making learning to be fun. But still teachers do succeed in bringing up every student. This was the experience that I gained throughout my 3months of teaching. I think everyone of my cohort friends, would have gone through the ups and downs of the 3months teaching. In the end, the result of the product was still a success because all of us manage to do well for our practicum. That’s all from me..; p

Hello world!

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Last bLog( FOR NOW)! =)


This is like my last blog and I am really having a hard time ever since someone hacked into my profile and changed my password. I felt really miserable as the semester is going to end and I was so interested in uploading more stuffs into my windows live and make it look more appealing until unexpected circumstances took place. But I thank God that my blogs are still safe and the tutors could still look evaluate it. Thanks again to Ms.Ng for giving me a helping hand when I was in a heartbreaking state~




“By giving learners the means to further direct their own learning and time,

they can acquire a more contemplative

understanding of learning itself.”

Altany, 2000


As for my last piece of writing, the journey toward my learning was really great as I had many experience within these 14 weeks. I know that time was fast yet I learned many things and there is yet more space to learn since there are no boundaries for learning. Besides that, I was really happy to actually go all the blogs as well as other files that I and my friends have uploaded. It makes me feel motivated to look through all those things that we have uploaded in our skydrive.

Overall, I’m feeling grateful that in this course we are given the opportunity to upload blogs and many other things that we can share with others who have the access to our account. Besides that, I find it really good to read through all our blogs as it shows the hard work and amount of work that we have done. In my opinion, e-portfolio is basically web-based and usually consists of a yearly and cumulative record of teaching activities and results." Hence, it allows us to have a personal digital collection of information in which describing and illustrating a person’s learning, career, experience and achievements. ePortfolios are privately owned and the owner has complete control over who has access to what and when.

Therefore, we could actually go through those blogs from beginning till the end product of it. Moreover, those blogs would eventually update us with our latest progress and the way we are handling those accounts. The e-portfolio has actually allowed us to reflect on our own learning as well and this would eventually give us space to improve ourselves. On the other hand, we also had the collaborative learning style while using the windows live in our daily progress. Collaborative learning is based on the model that knowledge can be created within a population where members actively interact by sharing experiences and take on asymmetry roles. Thus, we tend to share different point of view and share information. Hence, every one of us in the cohort can comment on each other’s work and thus this would allow us to improve ourselves in all terms.


Besides that, goal-setting allows students to develop feelings of ownership and responsibility for personal learning (Wagner & Lilly, 1999).  Indeed, portfolios are driven by the goals that the teacher and children construct together (Courtney and Abodeeb, 1999).  In the goal-setting process, students construct realistic, manageable, and appropriate learning goals; goals which act as catalysts for future progress.  Students have the opportunity to recognize their present learning through reflection and self assessment, and establish goals and identify specific areas for improvement.  Furthermore, as Wagner and Lilly (1999) explain, expressing awareness in writing may help students to take responsibility for moving toward these goals.

Hence, e-portfolio has helped us in many ways. Lastly, I would like to thank Prof. Raja Maznah, all the tutors as well as my own friends who have helped me in many ways. Thanks for all the help and guide throughout the course. Really appreciate your help and care towards our cohort. Take care and see you all soon~